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Five big lakes that offer great spring fishing

If you are getting excited to take your fishing boat out for the first time this season, these five Utah lakes and reservoirs are a good place to start.

Despite the harsh winter, deer survival is good statewide

While winters with heavy snow can be hard on deer and other big game animals, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources biologists said that adult deer survival is currently at 92 percent statewide.

Keep small lake trout caught at Flaming Gorge

Several agencies are asking for the public's help in improving the health of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir fishery. The most beneficial step anglers can take is to keep the small lake trout they catch.

DWR announces proposals for 2019 big game hunts

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources biologists have released their recommendations for the 2019 big game hunts and are asking for the public's feedback.

Gila monster named state reptile

Utah has long had a state flag, a state emblem and even a state cooking pot. (It's the Dutch oven.) Now, with Wednesday's signing of HB144, Utah officially has a state reptile: the Gila monster.

Don't let dogs chase wildlife

Utah wildlife often struggles to find food during winters that have heavy snow. By spring, many animals are vulnerable and weak. So if you are planning to take your dog on hikes this spring and summer, make sure your pet doesn't chase or harass any wildlife.

See mountain goats at two free events

If you have ever wanted to see mountain goats in the wild, you will have a good chance at two upcoming Utah Division of Wildlife Resources events.

Learn to hunt turkeys at free clinics

If you've ever wanted to hunt wild turkeys but don't know how, here are some free workshops to get you started. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is hosting six turkey hunting clinics around the state to educate new hunters and to offer tips and insights to both beginners and veteran hunters.

Antelope Island bison safety tips

At this point in the year, most Utahns are counting down to warmer weather. And with the warmer weather comes a host of outdoor recreational activities, which can often lead to encounters with wildlife.

Help decide how wildlife is managed

If you are interested in Utah's wildlife and how species are managed, several positions will soon be opening on the five Regional Advisory Councils (RAC) that share public feedback with the Utah Wildlife Board. You can apply for one of the available RAC positions, beginning March 16.

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