Landowner, DWR and sportsmen responsibilities

Everyone has a stake in making Walk-in Access work.

The Walk-in Access program benefits sportsmen, landowners and the DWR. Each group responsibilities to help ensure the success of the program.

Landowner involvement

The landowner's primary responsibilities in this program are:

  • To grant public access for fishing, hunting or trapping.
  • To designate areas for parking and kiosks.
  • To decide, with DWR representatives, how to best post the property.
  • To decide on the time period for public access.
  • To determine the type of access permission from the following options
    1. Requiring those accessing the property to register at the kiosk before entering
    2. Require visitors to personally contact the landowner before entering

Division of Wildlife Resources involvement

The DWR's involvement in this program is:

  • To assist with the application process and ensure payment
  • To evaluate property for suitability
  • To provide signs required for the property
  • To work with landowner to properly post the property
  • Manage a Walk-In Access authorization program for access registration
  • To provide kiosks with information and registration boxes
  • To install registration boxes
  • To provide conservation officer patrols
  • To verify property ownership information
  • To provide maps of the WIA area

Sportsmen's involvement

The sportsmen's primary responsibilities in this program are:

  • To respect the property and landowner.
  • To sign in and out at all registration sites
  • To provide comments and participate in annual survey programs reporting their experience and the value of the program
  • To obtain maps of properties and stay within those boundaries
  • To follow specific property regulations
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