Utah shooting ranges

Ranges in Utah to practice shooting guns, rifles and pistols

Utah offers a wealth of hunting opportunities, but hunting success depends on one's ability to shoot accurately. Luckily, we have some great shooting ranges in Utah where hunters and others with firearms can practice shooting while learning to do so safely.

Lee Kay Public Shooting Range

SALT LAKE CITY — The Lee Kay range occupies a large piece of property on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley. It's central location makes it ideal for Utahns living along the Wasatch Front.

Cache Valley Public Shooting Range

LOGAN — In the heart of northern Utah's Cache Valley, this popular DWR facility is a great place to practice shooting and take hunter education courses.

Other shooting ranges

STATEWIDE — There are no shortages of shooting ranges in Utah. In addition to the DWR facilities mentioned above, various public and private shooting ranges exist throughout the state.

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