Big game animals

Information about hunting big game species in Utah

Big Game Application cover

Big Game Application Guidebook

Download the 2018 guidebook to learn more about applying for a Utah big game permit.

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Big game field regulations

Big Game Field Regulations

Download the 2017 guidebook to learn more about the rules & regulations for hunting big game in Utah.

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Hunt planner

Hunt drawing results and drawing odds

Important dates

Antler gathering ethics course

Landowner permits

Depredation hunts

Dedicated hunter program

Bison orientation course

Management buck deer orientation course

Mountain goat orientation course

Extended archery seasons and ethics course

  • Bow hunters planning to hunt the extended hunts must complete an online course covering the special considerations of hunting in these high-use areas.

Cooperative Wildlife Management Units (CWMUs)

Applying for the 2019 antlerless permit drawing

Currently available hunting permits

Report harvest information and see harvest data

Big game annual reports

Statewide big game management plans

Walk-In Access

Conservation Permit program

Utah's Trial Hunting Program

Utah Hunter Mentoring Program

Other big game information

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