Fisheries Experiment Station research

The Fisheries Experiment Station research program has been actively involved in fisheries research since 1986, although informal research has been conducted at the station since the early 1960s. Historically, research has primarily focused on several general areas, including:

  1. fish diseases such as whirling disease and bacterial coldwater disease,
  2. reduction of stress and fin erosion of hatchery fish,
  3. production of sterile fish for stocking in waters with native cutthroat trout,
  4. refinement of aquaculture rearing techniques for both sport fish and rare native fish species
  5. evaluation of new aquaculture technologies, and
  6. reservoir habitat improvement

Currently the research program continues to conduct applied research to address needs and problems for Utah sport fisheries and native fish recovery programs. Our focus is to find solutions to fish- and fisheries-related problems in Utah, serving the needs of hatchery and field biologists and anglers.

See FES Research Publications for list of published articles (titles and abstracts) by the FES research staff. Also below are literature review 'white papers' by the research team on topics we have been requested to review and summarize for Utah needs that may be of broader interest.

Recent literature reviews
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